32km Walking Event

Description: This event begins at Naracoopa and follows a 32 kilometre undulating course across the Island to Currie.

Distance: 32 km

Starting Time: For details see event schedule

Race Start: Naracoopa (East coast of King Island)

Race Finish:
Currie (West Coast of King Island)

Course Map: Click Here

Transport to the Starting Line
A bus service will be available to transport entrants from Currie to the race start at Naracoopa. Bookings can be made when entering online. For departure times refer to the event schedule.

Road Closures and Target Times
There will only be a partial road closure.  As the day progresses the roads will be opened to normal traffic movement.  The table below is intended to assist entrants to understand when the roads will be opened.  Any competitor who is behind this race schedule will be offered transport to the finishing line or may continue on the course but at their own risk.  If competitor opts to continue on the course after the roads have been opened them must stay off the road at all time.

Target times:

Finish – 12:30 pm